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SHORTCUT - from content to sales

optiMaze turns your corporate communication into a sales factor and engages the whole team. In everyday work, messages become big and small campaigns. With every post, you get closer to your target group and inspire more customers to use your services.

Thanks to the simple analysis options and fast creation of story pages that are carrying and evaluating individual messages, you develop the optimal approach in line with your channels and target groups and substantially increase the relevance of your communication.

Only those who constantly optimize themselves, confer significant advantage on competition.

Playground – An editorial system, in which you can quickly implement new ideas. You decide how big your playground is. From a small post to an extensive campaign, optiMaze can be used as a digital anchor.

Laboratory - The simple dashboard lets you analyze your messages based on the responses you get. Clear metrics, that are consistent across all channels, will lead you to the best seller. From the start, you will learn how well your message is working for you.

Ready to go

We do not reinvent the wheel and utilize your communications and sales materials.
Within a few weeks, you will be able to manage your campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

Success does not have to be unnecessarily complex -
just omit everything that does not get you ahead!


optiMaze encourages activity. The more you try, the faster you improve.


Analyze results quickly and confidently. Identify customer channels. Take colleagues from all departments with you.


The most important aspect. CONTINUE to tell your story and develop relevant content.


Following the joint mission more agile at all stages, helps to make customer acquisition more profitable.

TOP 9 for your success

  • web-based – “out of the box”
  • Landing page and evaluation in one
  • Coaching on the go
  • Use of your existing content
  • A/B-Testing
  • Independent

  • Focus on relevant KPIs
  • Quantitative and qualitative
  • Flexible

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